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The Tea Party controls the House purse strings, and those people are largely right-wing Christians who don't really trust science, and could care less about what is found in outer space. This has to have something to do with the fact that most of what is being found there contradicts what their 'Good Book' says. Slowly they are being backed into a shrinking corner of their own stupidity!

The Tea Party originally had nothing to do with right-wing, fundamentalist Christians. It was a grass-roots political organization of politically centrist Americans who felt they are/were being "Taxed Enough Already".

This movement was usurped by right-wing, religious neo-conservative "Republicans" who realized both the danger of leaving this movement "un-managed" by conservative special interests, and the potential that usurping such a movement in the name of ultra right-wing conservatism would present for the Neo-con agenda.

Far from being disinclined to learning more about the cosmos, libertarian centrists have long argued that in order for ours to be a successful space faring civilization, private enterprise must take up the challenge of human space flight, exploration and colonization.

Due to the political power of the military industrial complex in the United States, without some serious pressure from the public, or massive decreases in defense expenditures by the U.S. Federal government, no such private space travel enterprise is likely to get off the launch pad. The corporations which have historically "partnered" with NASA for manned and unmanned space missions are unwilling to invest the time and their own resources into private space travel without a fat government paycheck.

These organizations, like all defense contract corporations, have been like bloated ticks sucking the life blood out of the nation, and arguably the world, considering their impact on U.S. foreign policy and our space program. After all, why risk venture capital on the unknowns of space exploration and exploitation when their profit margins are quite comfortable from their blood-sucking operations here on earth?

Any private corporation serious about investing in the space faring future should be devoting venture capital on research and development of a space elevator. Any corporation that develops and implements this great feat of engineering would own the cheapest, most non-polluting and reusable vehicle for LEO travel ever devised.

If the near future purpose of the current International Space Station isn't to provide a logistical base in orbit for such a project, it is, as Larry has suggested, a huge waste of resources and time. If I were in charge of a corporation considering a space elevator project, I'd think about deploying my own space station, but let's face it.....the costs are high. Corporations, thus far, have been unwilling to foot the bill, and are unlikely to reverse course on this any time soon.

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