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In other words, it’s not about getting anything done. It’s about KEEPING A GOOD THING GOING. No real motivation exists for getting anything "done".

I concur completely. There is a reason why the United States managed to land men on the moon, not once or twice, but half a dozen times, with one lunar landing failure due to mechanical malfunction. But the importance of Apollo 13 was that human ingenuity and determination brought those three men successfully back to earth through a dire circumstance and against all odds.

The reason the U.S. was able to pull off the Apollo project is because it was a decade long project with a specific goal. NASA was founded to accomplish this goal and accomplish they did. At the time of Jack Kennedy's famous exhortation for reaching the moon, there was no infrastructure in place, no bankroll set up, no scientist experts on manned space travel. The presidential order, and the nation's willingness to step up to fulfill that order created all of that.

If our species is going to become a space faring civilization, we need a global exhortation. The space capable nations of the earth have to be willing to devote the time, material and expertise necessary to get us there. We need a goal. We need a vision. Our species has always relied upon its visions of imagination to "get 'er done".

In 1961, the United States was given a clear goal for manned space exploration. Is it not long overdue that humankind be given a clear goal for manned space colonization? We have the technology by which to accomplish colonization of the moon. Even if we did not, that would be no excuse. The technology for getting men to the moon and back on short forays did not exist in May of 1961 as Kennedy encouraged the nation to make that happen.

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