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In other words, it’s not about getting anything done. It’s about KEEPING A GOOD THING GOING. No real motivation exists for getting anything "done".

And yet this could be changed quite easily IF people (especially business) would pull their heads out of their arses and look at LONG TERM GOALS instead of a single project. Because once one project is finished it rather naturally gives rise to another. For instance, Project 1: Commercial Space Flight naturally gives rise to Project 2: Lunar Hotel which in turn would likely propel Project 3: Orbiting Space Station Hotels. Now if ONE company decided to own all three of these projects in succession there is EASILY enough work there for the next 25 to 30 years. For a LOT of people. And a ton of money to be made... in the LONG TERM. People could invest their entire career span in such a string of projects and, knowing that when one project was complete another one would start, there would be no reason for the foot dragging that currently besets the employment for a single project only model. Alas, big business is proving far too spineless to take such risks and why shouldn't they be when they're making record profits sucking the life's blood from the human race the way they are doing now?

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