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OK, Here's my perspective. I think when you have limited time, there is a need to focus on what you really want to do and achieve. Do you want to just create? Do you want money? Recognition? An Audience? A balance of all?

My advice is to not try for perfection - four years - the perfect photo - the perfect next step - or whatever. I would try to find someone who could help you start a blog which can then be linked to a website that you create later down the road. You need to find ways to get connections even if it is a link on someone else's site. Preferably, you should join forces with other artists of a similar perspective and have an art show, even if it means renting a warehouse space for a couple of months. Think of nontraditional ways of promoting your work. Friday gallery walks. Open studio events...I think you also need to find nontraditional spaces, businesses, and such. Maybe even galleries outside of your country. Google "Art Biz Blog." Not sure if this will help....

Notice you said your work was more PZ than RD. Who is the PZ follower? Young smart ass twenty-year-olds without enough money to buy those pricey frames. Following the traditional route with non-traditional work has put you at a disadvantage. You need to find a way to get "1,000 true fans" this may require bypassing the gallery scene (at least most galleries unless you research heavily) and getting directly to your buyer via the internet. What type of sites would you guess that your buyer would frequent? What products or services would the person use? Where does this person go?

Not sure if I'm any help, good luck

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