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I wonder what that peaceful Jewish carpenter would think of the people who claim to follow his teachings. Religion is the reason and the excuse for so much hatred in the world. Whether Islamic fundamentalists of Christian evangelicals, there seems to be so much anger caused by their beliefs. This cannot be good for the health of such believers. To spend their lives hating can only be bad for both their mental and physical health. I therefore cannot see why religion would have any evolutionary benefit. The peace that a world without religion would create can only ever be a dream whilst there are so many haters for Christ or Mohammed in the world. Atheists must resist the temptation to hate back though, thus maintaining the moral high ground. Maybe atheists should take a leaf out of Christ's book, by turning the other cheek, because it is obvious that Christians cannot bring themselves to accept his teachings. Why they should therefore feel the need to use his name as a reason for their bigoted hatred makes little sense to me.

Sat, 30 Jul 2011 18:37:25 UTC | #855906