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I always thought Jesus commanded his disciples not to fight by the sword but these christians are using the get out clause that god had not informed him guns were going to be invented so it's ok to desire to use them. I always thought the message of this faith was to be prepared to die on a cross rather than defend oneself or use arms/violence? It's a very nasty psychology in how it messes with the head and emotions to the point where its unfortunate followers are festering anger and vengeance about something which does not exist - especially when it is pointed out to them. Not seeing it to be fiction is why their mind and feelings are furious and aggravated - nay ensnared and trapped since they have no clue how to escape it anytime soon and likely think it to be absolute reality beyond all analysis. Defenders of a fiction are thus dangerous in many respects since no amount of reason can directly access the stage of someones imprinted imagination. If delusion is mental illness religion is filled with it and most are unconscious of the fact to an extent they see the opposite to be the case.

P.S. A.Egbert is perhaps correct in suggesting trolls may be at large, though much of the above still applies.

Sat, 30 Jul 2011 18:52:30 UTC | #855909