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Not a shock...just a confirmation that fundy xians are by and large cowardly sociopaths that require a sky daddy to tell them their bigotry and hatreds are A OK! Or, and far more likely, they can twist , distort and, if pushed, invent biblical interpretations to suit their latest hysterics or tickle their latest intolerant and incoherent brain fart.

What is more telling ios that the so-called moderate jeebus droolers say and do correction and no backbone to stand up to them. Just tacit approval then?...maybe all xians are so is a possibility?

These bozos are simply expressing in the comments their pant pissing deep down fear that their fairy story is unraveling faster then it can be stuck together with theological sticking plaster, so they concoct ever more barking scenarios to hide their insanities behind and the lies flow like wine...cos after-all they are lying for jeebus! It seems their pastors, the priesthood or ju ju men of their choice are not doing a very good job of explaining xianity as a religion of 'lurve'! In fact their instruction is plainly on the retarded side, not even piss poor lessons just lamentable claptrap. What an atrocious and shameful indictment of xian spiritual leadership...there is obviously none at all!

When such a crowd of mentally challenged dimwits express such hysterical hatred...then you know that they are losing the 'debate' by the fact that they know they are losing that debate and their rage blossoms ugly into such bitter and vicious daydreams of which they are not shy of boasting thereof!,

You would also be forgiven for concluding that 'the burnin tymes' were not an embarrassing quirk of circumstance by well meaning god fearing ancestors,never to be repeated again, but is an ever present recognizable symptom of the underlying sadistic and psychopathic nature of xian fundamentalists. Given the opportunity they would gladly burn a few 'heretics' again, that is clear as a crystal cathedral!

Disgusting slime are a carbuncle on the ass of civilization and an insult to respectable slime everywhere.

Sat, 30 Jul 2011 19:01:55 UTC | #855911