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400 years ago these characters would have happily have lit the fire underneath you, whilst the mainly disapproving majority would have been fascinated and muttered to themselves: "well I suppose they had it coming."

So called "moderate" Christians in the USA, would rather have hellfire and brimstone than reason. Living in England I laugh at this pathetic attitude. It's as if their omnipotent, omniscient and omniverous God hadn't got the power to defend Himself against a few words of non-believers, therefore puny humans have to do it for Him!

I suppose the "free market" approach to religion in the USA has had to market itself more aggressively than in places like England, where the CoE is the established church and is closely connected with royalty and the government. But, like the RCC in other parts of Europe, the CoE is experiencing the faithful voting with their feet, i.e. out of the door.

At least it appears that Fox News is editing out the more hateful comments in the reply column, just as the mods do here. But it still seems there plenty who would willingly light the fire! (Only a metaphor! Winchester, Smith & Wesson will do just fine.)

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