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Well I'm wondering aloud. WHERE ARE YOU?


I would be the first, before anyone else, to support a secular believer who keeps his beliefs private, and advocates the notion that everyone has the right to be treated equally with the same dignity and respect as each other. No, I would support such a person with utmost passion. "Secular believers". Just imagine if such a movement was started, and got big amongst the light believers. They are the ones who could very well swing civilisation towards the freedom it desperately needs, ironically enough.

Also, such a person has the right to know that disagreements about his belief system does not mean that a) he is immoral (it is impossible to be immoral when the beliefs and practices are kept private) and b) that any lack of intelligence or delusion is deserving of a social outcasting. Every single one of us has had and will continue to make mistakes, and has been and will continue to be ignorant of at least a few topics, pardoning the euphemism of "at least a few". Most of us here know what the definition of an educated person is. Some can be guilty of fantasizing about the utopian alternative. I will not have it said that one's level of education or private beliefs (I repeat: private beliefs) ought to be a determining factor when I form relationships of any kind. That's the same mentality that comes from the rich-and-proud, egotistical, unfortunately fortunate folk who look down with "pity" on the poor common folk, laughing and wondering why they just do not try harder. I will not be talked to like that.

It is by no means a compromise, or a bending over backwards to yell and scream with incredible sincerity that everyone is entitled to believe in what they want. To say otherwise would have to put one in the uniform of an officer and equip one with a mind reading device. What some believers can forget is that this fundamental freedom applies to everyone, including those who do not wish to share the same ideology. The same goes with all our other rights: the right to not be discriminated against, the right to keep our private lives as just that - fucking private, the right to not be judged morally until our physical actions warrant it, the right to freedom of speech and expression (Muslims take note: we'll start taking you seriously whenever you talk of a women's "freedom" to wear a Burka 24/7 when you start to take seriously the freedom to draw a simple cartoon on an A4 sheet of paper).

If you haven't already, ladies and gentlemen of the world, I hope you take the time to understand the definition of the expression "freedom for all".

To put it another way, there are really only two possibilities. Either most Christians really are hateful and vicious towards atheists, or most Christians are silent when they should be shouting at the top of their lungs, denouncing these evil people and voting with their feet against anything that would further divide this country.

You have to be careful here: just because one is silent does not mean one automatically belongs in the hateful bunch. It would be unjust and baseless to assume otherwise, and most definitely another form of prejudice. It would be like saying that a person is automatically a homophobe on the sole basis that he has not (yet?) said anything about homosexuality recently. If no evidence that details his opinions has been laid down, no judgement can be made. Guilty until proven innocent would not be a wise point of view.

I am glad that at least Fox is not biased enough to leave these comments up, and taking them down as much as they can. And before the faithful can claim that their freedom of expression is being stifled more than ours, it is Fox's own property and they have the right to put up whatever they want. You have all got your own pages where you can express your opinions.

Prejudice is a nasty, nasty problem humanity has. House was right: humanity is overrated.

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