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This site has really gone into overdrive lately, hasn't it? Seriously, someone is linking to a LOT more articles, and the pertinence is becoming more and more tangential, but I just want to say I appreciate it.

Most every science fan I've ever met has enjoyed Sci-Fi, and Fantasy is a first-cousin of that genre, so naturally this article is going to appeal to many Richard Dawkins fans.

Bully for you, culture stuff is not going to besmirch your credibility in politics or the sciences, and the recent flurry of articles, even if occasionally of tangential association to your traditional mission, is a vast improvement to the recent past.

May I suggest a daily-change to your home page? Casual page-viewers may not realize how much new material is being posted if the quick-glance headlines and lead-stories are unchanged day after day. It seemed like the home-page lead articles were unchanged for months fairly recently, so improvements have been made in this area, but it will help build a bigger community if you try to have a new lead story each and every day. That will require some tough editorial decision-making, but the web-masters here are up to that challenge, aren't they? Have faith, and pick a lead story for the day, with an appropriate change to the photos on the home page, and you will pick up more readers--and your existing readers will significantly increase their page-views. Or that's my bet, at least.

Thanks for your hard work, and keep the 'fun' articles coming! Who says atheists have to be dour so much of the time--that just feeds into unpleasant stereotypes.

Wed, 03 Aug 2011 06:56:43 UTC | #857333