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Comment 23 by ridelo :

My most beloved fantasy story is Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Can't help it.

I think you'll find that was a documentry. they made a fantasy book about it as well though....

I think it's just another phase, it will die out by virtue of the fact that someone's mum/dad/older sibling is into it and therefore pants.

I always loved fantasy, for my youth the movies tended to involve sinbad and stop-frame animation monsters. the effects were great for their time but technology moved on, tastes changed and any attempt to go down that path were dated by default.

I'm sure it'll pass then in 20-30 years come back again but peoples tastes are driven by more than just what hollywood give us. for me in the 80s the void of fantasy movies was filled by role-playing games which led to a renewed interest in reading (dungeons and dragons creators brought us dragonlance novels) and by the 90s there was little to excite that market. I think the biggest fantasy movement of the 90s was the X files. this led to many people becoming interested in the paranormal, and presumibly got them investigating and coming up with nothing realised fantasy was best kept in imaginary worlds such as hogwarts and the cycle starts again

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