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I loved Hubble's photographs, they are some of the best art of the last fifty years besides the data it generated. There are a book load of reasons to get this telescope going.

But first can we all stop insulting people with disabilities, none of you would say it was a "womanish vote" by congress to cave in on the telescope. Most people over thirty would get the meaning even if it was a rude adjective. Blindness and loss of vision as the number of people using glasses demonstrates, is part of the human condition.

Making disability mean something bad or evil, seems to be a cultural carry over from when the church denied priesthood to men with apparent diabilities and also part of the cosmic blackmail con, if you don't give to the religion, god or karma will get you. Disability was a sign of cosmic punishment on the person or their parents.

It is not just Christians, I tell karma clowns, only the weak are incarnated able bodied.

And yes, it is one big fat shame that America wants all its smart people to immigrate to Europe by cutting education and research. It does not take a rocket scientist to know cutting research and education means less high powered industry creating a strong economy. While we close universities and scale back NASA, in California, Taco Bell, the states biggest employer has too many applicants.

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