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Generally familiar and yet absolutely fascinating stuff and I enjoyed it a lot - except the gaps between the videos. I found the Thermo (aka Fischer Scientific, part of Thermo) adverts so irritating that I would have given up for any lesser speaker than RD.

But I should not be surprised. Thermo was the company that took over a highly respected world leader in a specialised technology - namely Vacuum Generators (universally known as VG) - and proceeded to expect the world to forget that world-leading brand and think of Thermo. Even now, many years later, everyone in the vacuum industry remembers the name VG and Thermo has finally noticed and started to recant. In the meantime they have forgotten how to achieve the quality that we used to expect from VG.

So much for the morons who think that brands can be manipulated, while forgetting that their customers like familiarity and value quality. This is a classic case of a company that went from 'market leader' to 'led by marketing' and that feature shows in their editing of this video.

Sorry for the rant. The talk was GREAT!

Fri, 05 Aug 2011 20:56:55 UTC | #858376