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The United States uses chimpanzees for research more than any other country. In fact, much of Europe has banned this. How can anybody think that this is ethical? Is it a matter of intelligence? Well, gorillas are more intelligent than some profoundly retarded people-- and I imagine some chimps are too (can somebody confirm this about chimps?)-- so should we experiment on profoundly retarded people? Or put them in zoos? It seems that this is the kind of mindset that made people okay with slavery. They saw people of a different color as less human. Now granted a chimpanzee isn't human, but it seems that the fact that it looks a little different-- even though it does a lot of the same things that humans do-- is enough for fucked up scientists not to care. Christ, get human volunteers! Finland (and maybe other countries) has, for the most part, banned animal experimenting and uses human volunteers.

Also, if you want to do vivisections, which may be beneficial, use Dr. Kevorkian's proposition-- terminally ill people who want to die would be put under heavy anesthesia and experimented on (with their consent of course, and if I were terminal I would opt for it). After the experiment, the patient is given a lethal injection. It makes so much sense but of course so many non-thinking idiots play the Josef Mengele card.


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