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And people actually vote for him! Mind boggling!

And many others like him, people of the US are the real problem here.

Idiotic politicians are just the reflection of the populace which keeps electing them.

The real problem is a power structure which, in every institution of society, promotes not what is real, but what some wish was real. This ignorance mongering is so pervasive that it runs the U.S. economy, foreign policy, domestic policy and corporate endeavor. The media in the U.S. is rife with it in reports and commentary.

I don't mean to sound Orwellian, but take a good look and you will see what I mean. A current example would be the global stock market situation today in the wake of the S & P downgrade of U.S. credit rating. All I could hear from the media was that there would be a slide but by day's end the market would flatten out. That isn't what happened. It isn't what even I, no student of the market, predicted would happen.

It seems these idiots cannot accept that their ludicrous ways are destroying the nation from within. They seem so blinded by their own thirst for nonsense that they will believe the most ludicrous pack of lies imaginable rather than face the truth.

Pointing at the whole of the U.S. and saying they are the problem is an easy thing to do. It's also a fantasy. Everywhere in the world you look, you'll see the same stupidity. Yes, even in Europe. What were European market leaders doing today? Buying up more worthless debt from Spain and Italy. Did the stupidity cops of the U.S. point their zap 'o matic at Europe and turn economic leaders into drones? No. The same stupid ignorance of core reality is going on across the Atlantic. It's going on in the Middle East and in Africa and Asia. It's going on everywhere.

But as ludicrous as all this seems, some are profiting from it. You can bet on that.

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