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          [Comment 91](/videos/642391-muslim-sharia-law-in-australia/comments?page=4#comment_856236) by  [Schrodinger's Cat](/profiles/105285)          :

                 Comment 81 by Skeptic Jim> But don't fall for this kind of scare mongering from a new source that spends the rest of its time harassing single mothers and chasing dodgy plumbers down the street.> The facts are the facts.....regardless of who reports them. There's almost no totally unbiased news sources, so one has to discern what is fact and what is spin. So, any unreliability of the source does not alter the fact that Sharia law is being allowed to arbitrate Australian disputes.

Arguments are arguments, no matter how much you chose to misrepresent them by splitting them in half and quoting them out of context.

The crux of my argument was the part you conveniently (cowardly) omitted from your comment.

Any parties can choose to have a dispute mediated. Is it ok for you and your next door neighbour sign up to allow judge judy to arbitrate your dispute? If so, why isn't it ok for Muslim people to do the same?

Some western countries have given sharia courts legal jurisdiction. That's a real problem. That's something to talk about and expose. What's happening in Australia is not. It's a bunch of scare mongering and junk journalism.

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