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Comment 44 by quarecuss :

Quite painful watching Alistair McGrath squirm.

I attended a talk by Alistair McGrath called "Twilight of Atheism" years ago. I assume it was part of a book tour. (It is the only time I've attended an event with "atheism" in the title!)

I thought he might be identifying evidence for the existence of gods, which would surely lead to some sort of twilight. But it was "simply" about his opinion that atheism was in decline and had little to offer. In fact, it was really about his wishful-thinking.

I don't think he is capable of consistent coherent rational thought on this topic, and his statements match his thoughts. I suspect he is sometimes embarrassed when he hears what he is saying. (I think I'm describing most or all of the 20 speakers! They mostly appear to be aware that they don't make sense. So why don't they do something about it?)

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