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I really thank you for mentioning my case!

I felt some of the mentioned support and 'community' at Oslo. I usually don't get standing ovations. I'm a good enough teacher, but my pupils seldomly stand up to applaude, though... :)

But I honestly have to say: All of the other candidates have done very courageous things, too. It's already a big time honour, just to be nominated. Some of the candidates actually saved lives and did put themselves in harms way... You might consider NOT to vote for me but one of them. As the commentators at PZ's site did. But I certainly don't want to discourage anyone from voting for me.

Having said all that, if I was to win the prize, that would send also an important political message, I hope. And it actually really took a considerable amount of courage, the canton of Valais really is conservative... And (btw) I will/would make sure, that the prize money will/would go towards a worthy cause (to be exact: six worthy causes, I already thought about that). I will/would not keep a single cent/rappen of the prize money for myself.

The exact link to my last entry is:

In an article about the nomination I quoted Theodor Fontane:

"Courage is good, but endurance/perseverance/persistence is better. Persistence, that's the main thing."

Original german: You might want to google translate, if you don't speak german.

One of the most viewed articles on my website: Quite outrageous... I really was shocked that day.

Ah, and I did get loads of letters. For example, that I am responsible for my mother's breast cancer etc. (She is fine now, by the way.) There are several examples on my website... Some with comments, why I publish them:

I'm sorry I currently haven't the time to translate it...

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