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In the article Tanya Smith states:

Atheism doesn't offer a similar emotiional support network. Accepting that the universe is disinterested in your well-being is not necessarily a source of comfort when things go wrong.

I wasn't going to bring this up because it's not terribly important, but it has been repeated now and so I feel justified in mentioning that Ms Smith probably should have said that the universe is uninterested in our well-being. Or not interested.

'Disinterested' means to be free from bias or partiality; objective. One can be extremely interested in a subject and still be disinterested, such as a judge or sports referee is required to be.

As I said, it's not important. I just think this is the sort of thing that ministers in fundamentalist churches in Kentucky and Mississippi will pick up on and use in their sermons as yet another stick with which to beat us atheists.

That's it. I now have to go and compose an email to Radio 4 because on The Today Programme this morning I'm sure I heard someone say 'less' when what they obviously shold have said was 'fewer'.

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