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Imho, the term 'spiritual' is aptly applicable to affairs of the 'self' or simply your own conscious awareness. I can understand lamenting it's pejoration, but I think your hyping the stigma surrounding it rather excessively! I feel its more prompt to simply reclaim the word! Obviously 'spirit' is an un-empirical notion, however as you point out it, spirituality is a usefully short word! In today's zeitgeist it tends to apply to one's conduct of one's own life affairs, or experiences that are less than quantifiable. It is also used in common parlance to denote non-dogmatic ideologies and traditions or rituals as opposed to dogmatic, oppressive religious ideologies, so again it has another use there. As an athiest, I use the term 'spiritual' to refer to my own attempts at cultivating my psychological and emotional wellbeing, as well as to depict the ongoing praxis of that work - so to me its a useful word! On the whole a very entertaining article! 'Spirituality: It’s only human' is certainly true. However, in my experience the word refers to an existential praxis of one's own ethics, perspectives, etc. There are also many people that state they are emphatically ''spiritual-not religious.' In this paradigm, perhaps where 'spirituality' differs to 'religion' lies in the notion that a 'spiritual' person is characteristically non-dogmatic and accepting of a healthy postmodern pluralism outside of their own beliefs, where as the 'religious' person seeks to assert the dominion of his or her own beliefs?

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