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"We non-religious might also resort to the word on occasion, when groping for a term to describe a particularly intense sensation of peace or beauty or harmony; but generally speaking, it is rare to find an example of ‘spirituality’ being used in a context where ‘emotional and psychological well-being’ would not be a more appropriate term."

I disagree. I'm an atheist and I'm still happy to use the word spiritual. I guess I could use peace or beauty... but to me its more than that. When I read a lot of Dawkins' work I feel spiritual. When I read theoretical physics I feel spiritual. When I read the Gnostic gospels, PK Dick, Plato, I feel spiritual. When I walk up a local hill that looks out over the ocean I feel spiritual. When I have amazing sex I feel spiritual. Yes, its about peace and beauty,... but its also about realizing that there are things that transcend our petty day to day concerns. That those things are really amazing and should help us put our day to day crap in perspective.

Of course you can use other words for it. I guess I look at it differently than you do. You see using spiritual as a concession to the theists. I see it as why should I concede the word to the theists, I think that atheists can be as transcendent, as spiritual and more then theists.

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