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That thing about not being fully human...I've faced that accusation in an intimate relationship with a so called "strong christian". It makes no sense. I was told to seek god more eagerly...that just brought me one step closer to atheism on an emotional level. Being both a person of science and an artist, I can testify to what Kirby has written. Spirituality is not about connecting with an invisible celestial father (it's funny, I thought not seeing your father was a sign of a broken household). In fact, religious folk should ask themselves this question: How is disconnecting from your human body and connecting to a non-human being make you more human?

As embarrasing as it might be, I must admit I once commited the fallacy that Kirby talks about. But that's what makes it so embarrasing, I decieved myself. One of the religious's greatest follies is the deception of others...but the greatest folly is the deception of oneself -- I admit that's not my own idea, I just forget where I read a quote along those lines. It is more human to be connected with your body. Deep self-awareness combined with an awareness of what's around you is a reasonably aquirable catalyst to great spiritual experiences -- and I mean that in the scientific sense of the word; not the twisted definition adopted by stubborn apologists.

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