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You know Paula, I now understand why you felt the way you did when you visited Temple Square. I know that I have made quite a scene here as the stalwart Mormon true believer by letting you all have a peek into the mind of a believer who was incapable of balancing fiction with reality. I just want to thank Richard Dawkins and everyone else here for helping me to learn how to be a critical, skeptical thinker. I am still technically a Mormon, but I am very much now an atheist, it has been a tough transition for me mentally but neither am I one to back down from a challenge. I have a long rough road ahead, the LDS church was useful in that it has helped me in many ways, but I now see how much it has shackled me as well, fortunately I have very much out grown the notion of God. Religion, such as it is, is not going away any time soon, it is also in my estimation the most dangerous threat to our species. Not just religion per se, but rather the blindness to reality it creates in the minds of otherwise rational people such as my self. This mythology induced blindness in those who are less in touch with reality is now truly alarming to me because I am surrounded by people who believe that fiction is reality and I am the only one who realizes it.

Religion is a parasite that feeds on all that is good in humanity as a whole and then proclaims it as its own gift to the world.

It’s funny to me now that I have always known that I was not a spiritual person, I just figured that if only I was a better person, then maybe. But I am a very nice and good person, so I felt guilty for what exactly? My feeling now is that I do not want to waste another second of my life thinking about religion, I also know that that is wishful thinking.

I began this quest so that I could be a great apologist and help struggling members resolve their concerns. I had been good at that on my mission and when I taught in the MTC. I thought the church could stand up to any criticism, or at least that the anti's could never disprove the church was true so I would inspire faith in the space created by that ambiguity. The church does not have a banned book list so I felt free to read anti so that I could point out the flaws in their arguments. I never dreamed in a million years that it would be the anti's who were right all along.
The Spirit is unreliable at best

I actually consider my self to be extraordinarily fortunate, I am mentally flexible enough to be able to realize the true nature of our existence, as well as humble enough to consider the possibility that I could be wrong about everything which I thought was true. I have come to the realization that my very existence is a miracle, a miracle of chance and the lawful nature of the universe. I am incredibly fortunate to live in a time where a few of us humans are able to perceive the universe for what it is, what a marvelous thing it is to know what a precious and irreplaceable aspect of the universe the human consciousness actually is.

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