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This hijacking of morality by religion has been one of the greatest heists in history, and yet it has passed almost unnoticed.<

Brava, Paula. I'm going to store this article and use the juicy bits in my next argument with a theist.

But as for hyjacking, Religion, like the Borg*, hijacks and absorbs just about everything good. It also hijacks emotion, in the outrageously meaningless phrase "God is Love."

What kind of babbletalk is that? How can an emotion be an entity? An entity that gives commands, no less. What about the permutations of Love? Can god be friendship? Maternal tenderness? Can god be hot monkey lust? When you call out the name of the savior in the middle of the best orgasm you've had in months, is THAT god?

And if the theist deduces that god is Love from the loving passages in the bible, other passages can just as easily reveal god to be Hate. Or Wrath. Or unspeakable savagery.

Na, I'm going to go with God is Hot Monkey Lust.

  • for non-tv watchers, or those who have lived in an informational blackout for the last twenty years, Borg, from Startrek, is the ultimate enemy of humankind. Oddly enough, it is square.
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