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For me, spiritual is a word like ineffable or divine where it doesn't get used unless it refers silly ideas like "the Lord works in mysterious ways" which is like the other words a clever way of saying I don't know. When trying to describe the nature of their deity or of miracles, they grope at intangible (another one used on occasion) ideas which possess no grounding in reality or place in a discussion about the functioning world.

As an artist if I'm drawing and really into what I'm doing, some will claim the influence to be divine or to have some spiritual effect. Our creative endeavors very often get wrapped up in these arcane ideas, an idea much older than the works of the devotional paintings and song. All it really means in the end is a way of saying I don't know where that comes from. I can't explain it.

I'm constantly surprised in the face of what we now understand about the inner workings of the human mind how often people rely on ideologies and superstition to explain the already explained.

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