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"Hitchens even looks at the recent financial crisis and argues for arthe enduring relevance of Karl Marx."

The domination of large companies, is SOLELY the result of bribery of elected officials, who trade favorable tax code and legislation for campaign contributions.

The big difference between the government and the corporations is that corporations don't have the power to deprive you of liberty and freedom if you don't purchase their products.

Remember, corporations can't affect laws without corrupt, complicit politicians.

I share your disdain for corrupt politicians. But I don't agree that its the ONLY reason. For example, why do we as citizens still elect politicians that are obviously corrupt? Its not hard to see which ones are corrupt, and yes its most of them but IMO its certainly not all of them. In the US Russ Feingold was quite clearly one of the good ones but he lost in the last election. So there must be other reasons. And I think one other big reason is that corporations also dominate the major media. And what's worse is that most people -- even fairly intelligent well educated people -- don't really understand how much the corporations dominate the media. In the US its common to hear people talk about CNN and the New York Times as the "liberal media" ignoring their glaring and obvious corporate bias.

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