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Comment 4 by msbav8r :

Yet, the exponential growth of government and the absolute destruction of the economy, by it's insatiable appetite for taxpayer money and incestuous relationships that foster the very conditions you mention, is never brought up by those who laud Marx.

The domination of large companies, is SOLELY the result of bribery of elected officials, who trade favorable tax code and legislation for campaign contributions.

The big difference between the government and the corporations is that corporations don't have the power to deprive you of liberty and freedom if you don't purchase their products.

Remember, corporations can't affect laws without corrupt, complicit politicians.

Hey, how are you doing? I want to be polite at the onset.

It is obvious that the government AND the market played a role in the destruction of the global economy, which naturally affected the United States economy. To get more specific, investment firms and specific companies, who "play" in the market, had a major influence. The government definitely has an appetite for taxpayer's dollars. However, some people have a lower tax percentage than their secretaries. Obviously not everyone is getting the bad end of the tax deal, and those people who aren't have support from the corporate world for remarkably noticeable reasons. Don't forget that limited regulations of a free-market play a role in the power of corporations (Some people don't think there are enough regulations, some think there are too many). Legal legislature by lobbyists happens to influence nicely as well. There are more lobbyists for corporate autonomy than any other issue or special interest group. Candidates only stand a chance at successfully getting their voice heard with contributions from the ultra-wealthy and those who work in corporations.

Considering how many jobs have been lost in the government and how much defense-related work is outsourced to corporations, I doubt there has been an exponential growth in the United States government recently. We may have different definitions of "government," although the United States government has pretty much expanded under every president over the last fifty years, especially under Bush Jr., if I remember correctly.

The bizarre reasoning that corporate domination is only due to the bribing politicians is a patent dismissal of what you've implicated; the ill intentions of those who seek to bribe. It's okay, it turns out there are a few more bad guys than you originally thought. However, they want you to point the finger in only one direction.

Corporations may not take away freedom but they certainly don't provide it. They limit what you can read, watch, eat, use, etc. They limit your options. The freedom then comes from being able to seek out an alternative, but not everyone knows of that possibility.

There's a lot of frustration on all sides these days and the truth is we're all mad at the same people. I'm trying to learn more about our problems every day and, not to sound like a "hippy," I honestly hope more people can come together and agree on a reasonable way to fix our dire situation.

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