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Yet, the exponential growth of government and the absolute destruction of the economy, by it's insatiable appetite for taxpayer money and incestuous relationships that foster the very conditions you mention, is never brought up by those who laud Marx.

Right on, man! You've outlined exactly what the problem is in America between business and government.

The domination of large companies, is SOLELY the result of bribery of elected officials, who trade favorable tax code and legislation for campaign contributions.

And here's the methodology put pretty succinctly.

The big difference between the government and the corporations is that corporations don't have the power to deprive you of liberty and freedom if you don't purchase their products.

At least not yet. ;-}

But the RomneyCare swindle is a step in that direction, isn't it?

Remember, corporations can't affect laws without corrupt, complicit politicians.

Of whom there are more than enough to get that illegal and patently un-American job done.

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