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Comment 18 by Mr DArcy :

Of course Marx is still relevant. We still live in a capitalist world divided into workers and owners. Most people are workers. The brutal exploitation of workers in places like "communist" China just shows that you must always look at the reality and not just accept that "communism" exists in such places as China. Or that "communism" suddenly ceased to exist in eastern Europe when the Berlin wall came down. These places were / are throughly capitalist in nature with the majority having to work on behalf of an owning class who don't have to work because they own. Governments by and large, represent the interests of their respective owning class.

Anyone who has spent 5 minutes reading Marx will know that he would have been vehemently opposed to any form of capitalism, whether outwardly capitalist as in say the USA or with a "socialist" lable as in eastern Europe, China Cuba etc.

I agree with all you said but I just want to point out how similar Marxist/Atheist arguments and Theist arguments can be. For both sides if you point out "X did terrible things in the name of Y" Where X can be Stalin, Mao, the pope, the Inquisition, Al Queda and Y can be Marxism/Atheism, Christianity, Islam the argument is always "X does not really represent the true values of Y".

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