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Re the "dictatorship of the proletariat", it's a phrase in which Marx was referring to when the workers had gained political power OVER the capitalist class. Already in the Communist Manifesto of 1848 Marx had called for the workers to win the battle of democracy and gain political supremacy over the capitalists. It's obvious from Marx's writings that he was never in favour of dictatorship as we now know it. Lenin twisted Marx's ideas to provide so-called justification for his own dictatorship OVER the workers, having already grabbed power by violent minority action.

I understand Red Dog's wish for a capitalism which is closely regulated, but unfortunately, the whole nature of the system is driven by the profit motive, not the need to satisfy most peoples' needs. If profits are not to be made production is curtailed or stopped with workers being put on short time or sacked. No amount of regulation will stop the cycle of "boom and bust", as Gordon Brown, British PM, thought it would. Essentially capitalism is anarchic and of course international. The capitalists are the most unpatriotic of people. They are happy to ship the productive process around the world, - to wherever production costs are lower, thereby giving them an advantage against their competitors.

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