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Comment 17 by Tomaniac :

I think as humans given our brain structure and stereo view of the world, it is easy for people to feel like there is something more than ourselves, To come to the realization that there isn't by excepting scientific research and empirical evidence can be a pretty hard thing for most to do.

I'm a hard core atheist but I really don't understand the notion that by accepting atheism and science I'm somehow negating that " there is something more than ourselves". It seems to me that you've been reading too much theist propaganda about "materialist atheists".

When I walk in the mountains, when I read some great literature (e.g. Fitzgerald, Tolstoy), when I listen to great music (e.g., Beethoven's 9th) when I come to understand some profound idea about evolution or physics (e.g., reading Dawkins), when I look into the eyes of my lover or my daughter, all those times I feel that I'm more than myself much more then when I was an altar boy and I recited some prayer without really understanding or caring about what the words meant.

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