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Some people here have already mentioned the post that has appeared on the Intersection in reply to Richard's splended article- it was yet another example of poor accomodationist reasoning. So I have posted this response on The Intersection: -

"The problem with this post is that it makes the erroneous assumption that Dawkins is trying to address the science-skeptical lobby as his main target. If instead you read it imagining that Dawkins main target is someone on the fence, or even already on his side then most of your complaints about it aren't valid. This for me, is a perfect example of what is wrong with the kind of "accomodationism" espoused on this site- time and time again the assumption is made that there is only two sides- the pro-science and the dyed in the wool anti-science, and that the anti-science side is the only one worth addressing. Please remember that there are very many people somewhere between these two positions, and that it may well be more worthwhile talking to them than to the Creationists etc..."

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