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She never talks about how she reconciles evolution with being a Christian.

Who is the she to whom you refer? It seems unrelated to this article, since Paula specifically does talk about exactly that in this piece. Right here:

...many Christians happily accept evolution: they see Genesis 1 as merely a metaphor, and declare that if God chose to create us using evolution, that's fine by them. I used to be this kind of Christian myself; but I must confess that my blitheness was only possible because I had only the vaguest possible idea of how evolution works and certainly didn't know enough about it to realize that unguided-ness is central to it

I'm confused. How, again, do liberal Christian border-line-atheists make it make sense? I've never understood clearly.

I share your befuddlement about Christian apologetics who manage somehow to square the circle and simultaneously "accept" evolution and the idea of a fallen world redeemed through blood atonement. However I am more confused by your comment springing from this article. Do you mean to include Paula Kirby in the ranks of "Christian border-line-atheists?" If so, I believe you are mistaken. Paula is very securely on the atheist side of the borderline. Are you referring to Governor Perry, who is neither a she nor apparently interested in reconcileing evolution with his Christianity? Is there another she evoked by this article I am somehow missing.

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