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@ Red Dog

If you imagine any field of entertainment is "full of witty intellectual discussions that rival the Alqonquin round table" then you will be disappointed. It is not, nor does it have any requirement to be so. The idea that that is why people watch TV, much less reality TV is foolish - your's not Paula's.

" That doesn't contradict her point that the vast majority are mind-numbingly tedious."

I'm sure her point was that facts are facts whether you like them or not. Her (sorry) Paula's taste in Reality TV or not did nothing to strengthen the argument. It was not her point, it was only her opinion

My point which you missed as badly as you missed Paula's was that it was a pointless attack on Reality TV when the article should have been a serious response to a real and important problem manufactured by powerful vested interest groups not bad TV.

As I said, nil point for off topic rant, beaucoup point for actual article.

Edit - Sorry forgot to mention your last paragraph when you agreed with me, strange.

Although not as bad as the admission, "I've never seen a reality TV show and never will unless I'm in a persistent vegitative state and the nurse turns the TV to one." Please this is a "clear thinking Oasis" not a place to hide your head in the sand and ignore things you think you might not like but won't try because you already know you won't like them, maybe. Epic fail. Read, THINK, comment. If you don't know what you're commenting about, don't.

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