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While I welcome anyone who recognizes that the evidence for evolution is such that it cannot sensibly be denied, to attempt to co-opt evolution as part of a divine plan simply does not work, and suggests a highly superficial understanding of the subject.

The problem with all this is that it is erring in the opposite direction. If the 'divine plan' is too is the 'its all just random changes' hypothesis.

Changes at the molecular level may be random, but the thing that actually shapes those changes into species, natural selection, is a 'top down' process. Species are literally honed into existence by their environments.

Not that top down is evidence of any greater 'plan'.....but I see the argument that 'evolution is just random' so often and it really isn't true. I personally suspect that organisms on a planet similar to Earth would evolve the same characteristics.

Wed, 24 Aug 2011 22:14:31 UTC | #863893