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Comment 29 by matthew_1 :

There seems to be a misunderstanding of science on all sides here. Science is about creating theories that fit facts, not about 'belief'. The theory of evolution appears to be consistent with observations made in genetics, and from fossils.

However, being science means that one has to accept that a new and different theory could be proposed that fits these observations even better (cf. Karl Popper).

Once you raise evolution to a 'belief' that cannot be argued against you are making a religion out of it. Science doesn't give you truth, it provides models that explain, and hopefully predict, the world. Neither Newtonian or relativistic physics are 'true' in the sense normally used when one believes in something, but they have been pretty good at explaining a lot of behaivours (but not all). Evolution is no different from that.

So you are saying the law of gravity is a religion....interesting.

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