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May be the idea is that when the mexican drug dealers will see this horror they will be rendered incapable to fight by the nausea. Even the nun in the photo seems to have a hard time carrying that thing. Those people are just crazy...loony and freaky...

I don't think so!

Some Mexicans have branched out and developed their woo beyond Catholicism! Some seem to be exporting it!

Now if I think of it I think you are wright. And I forgot about the aztec traditions involving blood. Since these preChristian traditions are imbedded in the popular christian believes this might be way to have an impact on some mexicans. Appealing to this kind of things (relics of dead people - usually the hole body but parts of it also) is a customary way of attracting large groups of people by the Orthodox church in my country (Romania). And you would be amazed how large those groups are. It is mass superstition at is best.

Thu, 25 Aug 2011 19:32:09 UTC | #864229