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Comment 8 by Paley

It's interesting that Euthyphro's Dilemma could also be asked of the atheist as well. It something good because you say it is good? If the atheist says yes then goodness is relative which no one is ready to accept or live by. If the atheist says no, then he is affirming objective morals values without a foundation which is irrational. This is quite a dilemma for the atheist.

Yet again we have a point of view that forgets the beliefs of a large fraction of the human population. I'm not trying to promote Buddhism, but an understanding of the range of beliefs that humans can accept has to include it, and not be limited to a simple theist/atheist division.

Buddhists have a variety of views on goodness. Some believe in objective morals without a foundation, some don't. So to say that "goodness is relative" isn't acceptable is plainly false.

Also, not a "relative"s are the same. The question has to be asked - relative to what or whom? It's quite reasonable to say that goodness is pretty much universal to humans because we mostly all built the same, so we all can suffer in the same ways.

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