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Thus far, no form of birth control is absolutely foolproof. There is always the possibility you may find yourself having a child you didn't plan for. What then? You say again and again how wonderful your husband is but all I can see is that he has, again and again, required of you that you disavow your own true and authentic self as the price of being with him. He obviously does NOT accept your atheism. Therefore he does not really accept YOU. And the reverse is also true. You do not have the same worldview and as much as we would like to think that in this "enlightened age" such things should not matter in the face of true love the sad fact is that they DO matter. And they matter MORE as time passes, not less.

I know that right now you cannot foresee a day when you and your husband may no longer be in love. Feel free to call me cynical but all I can see is the terrifying possibility that one day your husband may get tired of this uppity free thinking of yours and decide to be rid of you. And all he'd have to do is act horrified by the "discovery" that your Muslim conversion has been a sham and you, an infidel, have been polluting his house with your unbelief. Depending on the climate at the time, that could be your death sentence. At the very least, things would not go well for you. Your sense of safety is an illusion. All you have protecting you is the love of your husband. Should that love ever fail the consequences could be catastrophic.

Start asking him what he thinks about the roles of husband and wife and how he feels about equality, REAL equality, between men and women. Ask him what he would do if you ever did something to make him TRULY angry. Ask him what he'd do if he ever thought you were cheating on him. If the answer is, "Kill you," get the hell out of there NOW.

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