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Preferential Reality is a viewpoint on reality that acknowledges/supports the existence of only what one prefers, and ignores/vilifies the existence of anything outside a person's preferences. It is a delusional mindset that ignores reality as it truly is, it is highly resistant to facts/logic/reason, and inspires rampant stupidity/ignorance/laziness. Morals cannot be based on a Preferential Reality, and thus any Preferential Reality is intrinsically evil. Religion is presently the most overt form of Preferential Reality in society.

Here's an example,

Lets say I wake up stupid one day, and embrace (insert religion here).

I want to worship X as best I can, and I prefer to do so by killing anyone who doesn't worship X.

Suddenly murder becomes OK!

So I go kill a bunch of people in the name of X.


Murder is not good for society, and no executions are not the same. There are many things that help keep a society intact, and one of those is at the least an expectation that involvement with a society gives some guarantee of continued life. If I'm not granted that then why am I a member? This is logically/scientifically/factually sound. We know this by looking at successful societies VS ones that aren't so successful.

In spite of this the Preferentially thinking person can ignore all that because they are only thinking about pleasing their imaginary friend in their preferential way.

In this case X Religious person doesn't like anyone who doesn't worship his/her sky pie god, and thus his/her sky pie god does not like them either. So in a loop of delusion he/she just made it totally acceptable to victimize anyone who isn't part of their sky pie god fantasy.

Religious people = no moral responsibility whatsoever. The unfortunate thing is that, as much as I hate religion, religion is not the ultimate evil, but merely a symptom of a far greater evil: preferential thinking. I'm not sure if the term has been coined yet, but preferential thinking is much like religion with the religion taken out = "I think and act based on preference without any regard to what science/facts say." Spread out into the larger picture we rapidly begin bumping into examples of this, but the most relevant one at the moment is stupid peoples’ attitude towards the middle/poor classes. 99% of America's economy rest on the buying shoulders of the middle/poor classes, and yet the Republicans want to murder them with destructive social policies. The end result of their plans would be total economic collapse, and their rich overlords would lose everything. No economy = money/investments not worth anything. It's not hard to understand, but people who think preferentially are very resistant to science, facts, logic, reason, and really thinking in general. This makes them incredibly dangerous. I have no solutions other than people who care, people who want to fight such dangerous thinking, need to at least refuse to be silent.

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