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Comment 22 by theycallmewonka :

GOP is another name for the Republican party, GOP = Grand Old Party. Had to look this up myself a few months back after reading the word GOP countless times in articles also mentioning Republicans.

Comment 17 by Stafford Gordon :

Can someone please tell an English man what GOP is?

The GOP is dead. It is extinct. It is deceased.

In its place, the Republican party has become a witless, fantasy infested, morally bankrupt club of super-wealthy industrialists and their idiot lap-dogs. There is nothing "Grand" or "Old" about the Republican Party today. Unless, of course, you consider the ridiculous basis for the absurd beliefs many of its members cling to. The GOP of my father's day is gone.

After the upcoming Republican primary, I will be writing a scathing letter of resignation from the party to the Caucus in effort to wake somebody over there up.

I doubt if it will make any difference other than getting me on some watch list. :P

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