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Man, this article goes from zero to ridiculous pretty fast. Hell, where do I start?

While it's great to see people finally acknowledging that the central myth tying elements of both testaments together have no evidence and therefore must be dismissed as fact is encouraging, the very same people want to find ways to further adapt this relic of a religion in a way to make it further compatible with the modern way of thinking. Am I the only one seeing how badly this is going to fail?

Also it's just plain creepy how people trained in numerous fields of science can take any part of the bible literally, much less the creation and first man/ first sin part.

I think if anything this is an essential part of where the religion itself will start to tear at itself until it is far further divided than it already is and of little significance to anyone. Christianity in particular has been attempting to adapt to our understanding of reality for centuries and falling shorter each time. This is just another step in trying to remain alive.

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