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Steven Mading

The Catholic Church still claims original sin is correct doctrine even after making public pronouncements admitting that the Adam and Eve story didn't really happen and Catholics should take it as mere allegory

That's not quite so. They have made statements to the effect that they do not believe that evolution is inconsistent with Catholic theology - i.e. one could be a good Catholic and still believe in evolution. But, although they seem to favor an allegorical interpretation of Genesis, they don't shut the door on belief in the literal genesis story - one could believe in special creation and also be a good Catholic.

The reason that they think they can maintain this position is that they state that they are not making statements about the veracity of scientific claims - only whether those claims can be reconciled with their faith.

But this bit of pedantry on my part does nothing to touch your main point, which is absolutely correct. Unless there are some special qualifications to what Catholics mean by "evolution", then there certainly is a conflict between evolution and the nonnegotiable doctrine of original sin.

They have quite a juggling act going on here, and it is only the due to the fact that the run-of-the-mill Catholic does not think too deeply about her religion that this incompatibility is maintained.

Or: don't believe what you see (can experience/measure/test) but have faith in what you don' see.Face/palm.

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