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I don't think those who doubt the reality of our CO2's effect on the climate realise just how many laws of physics they have to snub as part of that denial.

Many deniers I have encountered do not understand climate even at a school geography level, do not know the basic scientific measuring techniques, cannot follow basic reasoning, can't understand basic arithmetic, let along advanced maths, and refuse to recognise evidence as such.

Never the less they do not feel in anyway inhibited from preaching their views on the subject, generally making it up from incredulity as they go along, or parroting nonsense from denial websites or tabloid rags.

I suspect many could not even quote you a law of physics, let alone understand one!

However, your earlier posts on various topics have been clearly explained and well written, so all the best with this educational discussion. I shall be watching with interest.

Mon, 29 Aug 2011 22:10:04 UTC | #865332