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"Something else is going on." @23

I was reminded of how some of the Grand Masters utilised what chickens do for others livings:

""When you ignore science, you end up with egg on your face," Giberson says. "The Catholic Church has had an awful lot of egg on its face for centuries because of Galileo. And Protestants would do very well to look at that and to learn from it.""

Religion has always changed its cluck according to how it chooses to walk! No surprises there.

And I'm reminded of the multiple personality traits humans tend to espouse whenever anything that contradicts their existential arises - more especially those in positions with any power whatsoever. Also of all the ipso facto support, via co-dependencies, of those working their (religions, amongst other similar mind controls) machinery for profit, or simple slave labour for peanuts smiles of approval their emotions grasp at due their emotionally bereft lives. Anything but rational analysis prevails.

The soul craves its love child no matter what the reasons reduce it to.

Humans are, too easily, too tragic an emotional for their own learning and, too poorly well educated into being too successful by building advantage too quickly from all the channels that render them corruptible of others, sometimes without alternative. Too may lives are too compromised to not replicate the very conditions they despair to escape from.

And there are too many sacrificed in preserve of the delusions of yesteryear amidst the too many sacrificed in being enlightened from it.

For the many, too much of life is about pain and loss ever to get to enjoy it, whilst for the happy, too much of life is about enjoying it to ever stop the pain and loss that others must endure for them to do so! The trap is set and each is born to an accident of one or the other ad infinitum, or evolution maybe?

Thus some peoples reason to live is other peoples reason to suffer, inherited by accident or intent and their lives branded in pursuit of an escape. Most of us are born to a prison of the mind caged by the pasts unfolding emotions.

Those of us who escape to reason are by no means spared the scars:

Lucky are those born absent of this And lucky, those happy, who dwell, Upon the collateral damage of all Their romantic life did foretell.

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