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I understand and empathise with your point. 18 months ago I donated TGSOE to my local library. I went back there a few days ago and noticed it still wasn't on their shelves. Maybe someone has taken it out? No, still hasnt been processed, still in the stockroom and yet their small science section is screaming out for some modern books. This was made worse by seeing some of the claptrap on 'the science of healing energies' and such that can be found there.

On the other hand I disagree with your pessimism on the current state of available writing compared to previous years. I've no doubt that the 1950s version of Borders would have been filled with just as much crap, if not more than, as today's. Over the years we filter out most of the rubbish.

It's this same logic that leads all old people to think that music was much better when they were young. Few people will remember the Palins or Rednex(es) of this world in 50 years time.

At least I hope not.

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