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Comment 43 by Crazycharlie :

Agree with KenChimp @30.

The party with the likes of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt has been gone for many decades. Take, for instance, a man like Teddy Roosevelt. It's been documented that he read several thousand books and could read several books a day in multiple languages no less. He wrote 18 books. He loved poetry and could recite, at length, poems from memory. Now contrast TR with George W. Bush, Sara Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney!


The Republican Party's future is questionable. It's dominated by godbots. They look for anti-intellectual presidential candidates knowing the voters of this anti-intellectual country will respond.

I don't know if it is questionable or not, to be honest ... The Republicans are good at one thing, getting elected, and like you said the religious anti-intellectual niche has been a huge success for them.

Comment 48 by KJinAsia :

The part that so many criticisms of the Republicans miss or understate, is that the party has become the Roger Ailes party. Perry's "platform" is tailor made to be in line with Fox News propaganda. Ailes/Fox sets the conservative issues and will decide the candidate.

Ailes will probably choose Perry over Bachmann because he's male and doesn't have the liability of a repressed gay husband. Perry will happily do Ailes' bidding. Perry is anti-science because Ailes is anti-science.

It may sound conspiratorial, but Ailes runs Fox like a cult. He manages the messages that spew from his minions on a daily basis. Fox is essentially the deluded and selfish opinions of ONE MAN. People need to understand the destructive power this one man has.

Sorry, but who is Ailies?

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