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It just so poignant and funny I could not resist quoting this here. Here is a flavour of the Heavenly discourse:

God: Hermes, what is that awful buzzing in the radio?

Hermes: God Almighty, I will see.

God: Gabriel, have one of the electricians look into it - Volta, Steinmetz, Franklin - somebody.

Gabriel: Yes Lord.

Hermes: I can't make head or tail of it; just a lot of groaning and buzzing.

God: Gabriel, see if you can understand it.

Hermes: It reminds me of a pair of bellows Hephaestus once had at his forge - whines, groans, sighs, sobs, squeaks, and nothing but wind.

Gabriel: I know. It's a prayer.

Hermes: That's what I said. Nothing but wind.

God: A prayer? From the earth, of course?

Gabriel: From the earth.

God: Of course. Is this sabbath?

Gabriel: No, Lord.

God: Then why on earth are they praying?

Gabriel: They are in trouble.

God: O yes - they do also pray when they are in trouble. What's the matter?

Gabriel: They want rain.

God: Who wants rain?

Gabriel: Denver, Colorado, United States, Earth.

God: Why do they bother me for every little local, petty, particular want? Don't they understand that I have a whole universe on my hands? They mean nothing to me ----.

However after much discussion he concedes and summons Aquarius instructing him:

God: Well, for my sake, hurry over to Denver, Colorado, United States, Earth and feel like watering there. Give them plenty. ..... Give Denver plenty of water. Water it so I never hear from it again....

You will have to read the book to find out what happens next. As posted earlier it is available online at

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