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Well Jos (Comment 10), consider me suitably slapped down.

I though this to be a forum for discussion. Obviously my moaning and lies have no place here.

(takes a breath)

I feel Comment 10 was unnecessarily vitriolic and adversarial - though I understand it is frustrating dealing with people who just don't listen or think. However, I am not sticking my fingers in my ears and going 'la la la la' - just voicing an observation. Perhaps if a commenter is just plain wrong, it's OK to say "no, that's wrong, in fact...", rather than use terms like "load of bull etc". Anyway, I did learn from your post and comment, so for that, thank you.

Also Comment 11 by Alan4discussion - Sure, at any cost may be an exaggeration, but in Australia the billions of dollars that will be taken out of the economy to mitigate the negligible contribution (on a global scale) to greenhouse emissions seems disproportionate. (Mind you, the whole approach of the Government in this area is all over the place, so perhaps it's just the implementation not the intention which is flawed).

Finally my mention of my science degree was not some sort of claim to authority, but to indicate that I am a rationalist and understand the way science is done.

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