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The simple fact that you feel threatened by God means He does exist, because why would you argue over something that is not real?

I feel threatened by religion, not gods, there is a massive difference.

Belief in gods causes fear and misery in the world, people kill other people over their beliefs in gods, people are persecuted because of belief in gods, education is hampered and obstructed by belief in gods - the list is endless when it comes to the harm religion has on this planet.

I argue against religion because I don't like to see suffering and misery, I don't want gay people to be persecuted, I don't want women to be abused and oppressed, I don't want people telling lies to innocent children filling their minds with threats of hell from the celestial dictator if they don't appease him due to some ridiculous good for nothing and contradictory rules from some diabolical book.

Your god is of no threat to me because like all the others, it doesn't exist, your religion however most certainly is a threat and I will do all I can to argue for common sense and reason to prevail over dangerous nonsense as much as I can..

Wed, 31 Aug 2011 11:14:32 UTC | #865830